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Autism Bookclub

Welcome to our Book Review section dedicated to exploring diverse narratives and perspectives within the autism community. Here, readers will find a curated selection of books that shed light on the experiences of individuals with autism across various genres and themes. Our goal is to provide insightful reviews that resonate with both those familiar with autism and newcomers seeking to understand more about the spectrum.


Explore powerful narratives that challenge stereotypes and celebrate the unique experiences of autistic women. From memoirs like "Autism in Heels" and "Unmasked" to thought-provoking fiction in "Strong Female Character," these books delve into the intricacies of life viewed through the prism of autism.

·        Autism in Heels

·        The Autist

·        Strong Female Character

·        Thinking in Pictures

·        Aspergirls

·        Odd Girl Out

·        10 Steps to Nanette

·        Unmasked

·        Drama Queen

·        Girl Unmasked

·        Walking to the Beat of Autism



Engage with the profound and often poignant reflections found in "She Doesn’t Seem Autistic" and "The Autistic Alice." These poetic explorations offer a window into the emotional and sensory worlds of their authors.

·        She Doesn’t Seem Autistic

·        The Autistic Alice


Women’s Health

Uncover critical discussions on how healthcare systems often overlook women, with a special focus on those with autism in "Invisible Women" and "Unwell Women." These books are essential for understanding the intersection of gender and health.


·        Invisible Women

·        Unwell Women

BAME - Black History Month

"Autistic & Black" provides a vital perspective on the intersectionality of race and autism, highlighting the experiences and challenges faced by Black individuals on the spectrum.


·        Autistic & Black

Male Books

Dive into "What I Want to Talk About," a narrative that gives voice to the experiences of autistic adult males, often underrepresented in mainstream discussions about autism.


·        What I Want to Talk About

General Books

From the exploration of neurodiversity in "We’re All Neurodiverse" to the insightful "The Electricity of Every Living Thing," this section offers a broad view of the autism spectrum through various lenses.


·        The Electricity of Every Living Thing

·        Different Kinds of Minds

·        We’re All Neurodiverse

·        Empire of Normality

·        Writers on the Spectrum

·        The Genesis of Artistic Creativity

Young Adult

"Young adults will find resonance in "Some like it Cold," a story that blends the challenges of growing up with the unique experiences of being young and autistic.


·        Some like it Cold


"The Framed Women of Ardemore House" combines elements of mystery and drama, providing a captivating narrative with autistic characters at its heart.


·        The Framed Women of Ardemore House



Each book on our list offers a unique lens through which to view the autism spectrum, encouraging understanding, empathy, and a celebration of difference. Join us as we delve into these compelling stories, each review aiming to enhance our readers' appreciation of the diverse experiences within the autistic community.

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