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Data Bias - Autistic People Living in a World Designed for Neurotypical Men

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez reveals that half the world's population (women) are living in a world designed for the average (usually western) man.

  • Your phone is too big for your hand!

  • Your doctor prescribes a drug that is based on average male physiology

  • In a car accident you are more likely to die or sustain injury as it is built for the average neurotypical man.

Of course not all men are average men. Is anyone average? We are all unique. I'm not surprised so many people feel uncomfortable in this world designed around a mythical average male.

Its no wonder that autistic people who are even more likely to suffer from data bias and its impact on design not just of objects but of institutions, customs, patterns of behaviour etc etc often feel very uncomfortable.

Autistic Women even feel less visible than autistic men in the autism community. Is it any wonder that health and social inequality indicators are worse for autistic women and girls?

I'm speculating. What do you think?

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